Watched: Opera Mini for Iphone (Ipod Touch)

The alternative to Mobile Safari?
The release of Opera Mini in the app store has been eyeing with excitement for about three weeks now. So far, Apple had only allowed alternative browsers for the iPhone, which are based on WebKit as well as Safari. In this respect it was already a small revolution, that Apple showed itself kindly and the competitors Opera Mini today in the App-store took up ( app-store link , free). In the meantime, the software introduces the download charts and the users were able to get a first opinion on the implementation of the Norwegian browser. Also, I could not help but obey and install Opera Mini on both the iPhone and the iPod touch.
Opera Mini is to convince mainly by its pure speed, since a special server solution is used, which is to speed up the data transmission by previous storage on these. Other features such as simplified tab browsing, or the ability to search within the site, are required by Opera Mini Safari. While the implementation does not yet seem to have been completely successful, read the first user comments (see eg fscklog and Macnews ). So I can confirm that the rendering of the web pages and the navigation (scrolling, zooming) seem to be suboptimal. On the other hand, speed was not really promised too much.

In my comparison video came on, an iPhone 3G and a second generation iPod touch in inkomtrends. Both models are roughly comparable, except for the faster CPU clock of the touch. For this reason Safari got a small advantage and was able to start from the faster iPod touch. It did not help, because Opera mini loaded our shop ( ) much faster than Safari. Even though Opera Mini does not work perfectly on the iPhone (in the current version (5.0) on the iPhone), as well as the operation seems to be even better, Apple is quite capable of competing solutions In the App Store and thus ensure competition. Now the developers at Opera are asked to perceive this new opportunity and drive the optimization for the iPhone.