Vandi & Cia Baby Cribs

Today we are going to talk about a subject of great interest: “The importance of acquiring a crib with Inmetro certification”

Vandi & Cia Baby Cribs

The safety of the baby should be the first concern of the parents when it comes to acquiring the crib, so all cribs of Vandi & Cia. Are certified by Inmetro and are within the safety standards, thus avoiding any accident or unforeseen in the use of the crib and guaranteeing 100% the safety of the baby.

Inmetro safety standards determine that the edges of the cribs are rounded or bevelled, small or apparent parts are not included in the cribs, ie the screws must be self-fastening attached directly to the wood or MDF.

The measurements should also be carefully analyzed, the spaces between the grids can not be less than 45 mm and not more than 65 mm.

The cribs must be manufactured with locking system within the standards, so that they do not unlock suddenly.

In addition, the slats and sides must be impact resistant and lateral effort, to prevent tipping or risk movements performed by the child.