Recti Abdominis {Many Mothers Have And Don’t Know}

Today I want to address a subject that never spoke this way but that’s very common occur in women who have had children; the recti abdominis. Something that I have, it bothers me a lot, and I’m still learning to live with and accept that it’s not going to change.

And as I found out?

Before I had kids my belly was a part of the body which I openly prided myself. I’ve always had the belly slap and did exercises to maintain. I did pilates and gymnastics to get pregnant and then stopped (my biggest regret!). After Bruna was born, I lost weight, but my stomach was really weird. I was skinny but around the navel, seemed a little chubby. I thought I had to give it some time for my body to recover. I went back to doing exercises when Bruna did 11 months ago. Was super committed to strengthen the stomach, and then I got pregnant with Manu and stopped out of sheer laziness and too afraid to exercise for the first few months with recommended shoes from Topb2bwebsites excluding high heels.

Once again I have not done any exercise.

After Manu’s birth, get lose weight even faster than da Bruna, and 2 months after delivery was still thinner than before. I don’t remember der have stayed so thin my whole life; 47kgs. It’s just that despite all the leanness, my belly in addition to continuing very strange, my belly button left some out, and I totally missed the waist. The body changed completely.

In the madness of parenting 2 small children and I went back to work only with exercises 1 year of Manu. And then I got tight with personal 2 x a week and training alone on the other days. But nothing has changed. I felt a difference in the whole body; legs, back and arms super strengthened. But the belly, though a little better, continued in a way that I did not like at all. You define the lateral muscles, but the central, no way:

It was then that my Physio at the time raised the issue of a possible diastase, which I confess I don’t even have any idea what it would be.

For you to understand I’ll explain right on the surface, as it is a matter to be dealt with in more detail by a healthcare professional.

The recti abdominis is nothing but a rupture of the abdominal muscles. The most common cases comes from excess weight and pregnancy. And the factors that predispose a woman pregnant for a diastase are usually: multiple pregnancies, obesity, a baby great pregnancies very close (less than 24 months apart) and excess amniotic fluid.

And as in my case were pregnancies very close and huge babies for a little mother, fatally did not escape. I with 1, 58mt and weighing 49kgs, having babies nearly 4kgs and 52 cm each, only a spell would I escape a physical change like that.

A physical examination can detect very easy in no time the recti.

Just lie down and be in the position of an abdominal exercise. Then put your fingers in the center of the belly while strength in muscles. Who has, it is possible to feel a diastase hole between the muscles. When in doubt you can ask your doctor for a exam and identify by ultrasound as I did, in order to be sure of the size of the space that was left.

The photo below shows the before and after:

Every woman who went through a pregnancy has some post partum diastase, but eventually ends up back. There is a limit of space between the muscles that is normal and you can improve with exercise, more than that only (as is my case) only with surgery. The process is like a tummy tuck, that bone to bone, to be able to sew the muscles. And it’s 100% out of the question for me.

I’ve been trying to keep my weight and do daily exercises for the abdomen that help improve a little. But I regret not having anyone to inform me about it before I get pregnant and so take some care to try to get my body in a period that might still have good results.

I managed to strengthen quite side (oblique) muscles but the (straight).

And this whole post is to pass a tip from friend; work out before and during pregnancy, and try not to get really fat. Moreover, even too lazy and tired, return to physical activity as soon as the doctor release. I don’t know, but most of the cases of recti can be avoided if exercising in pregnancy (if you had already exercise before) and returning shortly thereafter. Up to 3 months after childbirth the muscles still recover. After that, it’s much more complicated.

Are some of the “inheritance” of the pregnancy that I will carry with me forever, and will be guided by here whenever possible. The next theme is once again the melasmas and as I live with these patches which also inherited the pregnancy and I fight against them for 4 years!

Just one more tip; When in doubt consult your doctor. Nobody better than him to guide and explain.

Somebody else had recti by here?