Product Test: Lg Gt505 Pathfinder

Too much promised, my little one!
At this point I would like to apologize for the late, now following review of the LG GT 505 Pathfinder , because already early last month I wrote down my first impression . But as always, the ” cyberheads” were responsible, as well as the tight schedule for reporting the opening of the cyberport STORE in Berlin Steglitz. But now back to the test report, the first impression promised more than the actual result could hold. To put it briefly-this mobile phone is a blender! The technical data like UMTS, W-LAN and even A-GPS in connection with the cheap price of currently 209.90 euro let the spitfire upset, but the implementation disappointed me excellently.
Processing and Design
I discussed this chapter in the first impression, it should be clear that this still left all the features of the best appearance. Small, compact with relatively large 3-inch touchscreen-the LG GT505 is certainly not a Supermodel, corresponds more to the unobtrusive businesstyp.Also in the long-term test it gave me no nasty surprises within the hosbag. Even the touch screen still looks relatively good, despite the black case, the LG GT505 is not a dirt trap, and you can get more from Certainly, there is plenty of plastic, but in good processing. The most important buttons are located logically on the front and on the sides. As already mentioned LG dispenses with standard connections such as mini-USB or jack plug, for it again boils its own soup-for it a minus point. Overall, the LG regards this topic on average well.

Operating System and Operation
Like the Samsung Star , LG relies on its own system. This is, as already known, its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that there are no security vulnerabilities, but the mobile phone is “out of the box” usable, but not expandable. At first glance, there are obvious similarities to the Samsung Star. There are also some widgets, but these are compared to the stars by comparison. These can be distributed freely on the Homescreen, but also only on a Homescreen. By “Fingerwisch” you get access to three more “Homescreens”, but these do not take classic widgets, but only contacts for the fast access. By the way, the “cube effect” when changing the screens (as with other LG phones) I missed with the Pathfinder. By dock in the lower area one reaches into the further settings, also this similar to the Samsung Star.

For the text input the LG GT505 offers several possibilities. Besides the well-known number block, the LG also offers a QWERTZ virtual keyboard in cross-format. Unfortunately a sad chapter. I had the Samsung Star almost error free with two fingers type, this was not possible at the LG. The manufacturer designed the keyboard so tiny that it did not succeed at all.Alternatively the LG still dominates the input by pen with subsequent handwriting recognition, this succeeds surprisingly well, but unfortunately not sufficiently fast. An SMS or even an e-mail would not be written. Good to evaluate is the fact that each input leaves a feedback by vibration effect. In summary, I would like to say that the system itself is logical to use, the unsatisfactory input of the text, however, seriously undermines this feeling.

Internet and navigation
In addition to UMTS (due to an E-Plus card, I prefer not to test the test), the LG GT505 also offers a W-LAN module. You can hear this, because the device can be operated cost-effectively at home or in the company network. Setting up one or more WLAN networks also works perfectly. As far as the hardware, so far so good. E-mail accounts still manage the mobile phone satisfactorily, but surfing the net is a pain. The browser is initially very sluggish and slow, no comparison, for example, with the mobile Safari browser of the iPhone. The service disappointed however still more. Double click to zoom. A magnifying glass with different zoom levels has to be consulted. This is increasingly frustrating in connection with the reaction speed of an elephant-no you would not want to surf with this device.

But maybe console me the GPS capability of the mobile? Well, GPS without suitable software support makes no sense. This was also recognized by LG and pre-installed the Navi solution “Wisepilot”. In contrast to TomTom and Co, this is a software that does not bring the cards from the home, but requires a data connection in order to upload the navigation instructions to the user. To say it before, I could not. I do not know if it was due to the 30-day trial or lack of patience. Anyone wishing to continue using “Wisepilot” will be charged an annual fee of € 99. In this respect, the Pathfinder is not a real scout on the road, at least not for the starting price of 209.90 euros. Personally, I prefer to have the cards directly on my device. Especially in other European countries the solution of “Wisepilot” is very reasonable, considering the current roaming prices, which are added to the annual fee. Alternatives to “Wisepilot” do not exist, since the LG is a closed system-well, wonderful! No LG, both the Internet and the navigation possibilities are just pure eyewash-the hardware may convince, the implementation of the software however simply disappoint.

This part I would like to quickly negotiate, the test of the video functions I leave as the good piece only with 320 x 240 pixels recording, so the results are comparable to the Samsung Star. Also the photo capabilities are analog, the two more megapixels compared to the star do not matter. Positive-there is a small flash.

Sample photo (indoor), 2.592 x 1.944 pixels, 408 KB-For original view please click on the picture.

Battery performance
Due to the fact that the LG GT505 in the UMTS net funkt I made myself no too high hopes.And actually, more than three to four days standby time was just not there. This may still be to be forgotten, because even more expensive smartphones hardly last longer, often even shorter. What really bothered me, though, was the unreliable battery display. First the device signals its battery status only with three bars. However, one should always have his charger with it, because if I left the house with one or two bars early in the morning, the device usually slackened in the afternoon and switched off. Also this is not a fame book for the Pathfinder.

What should one think of this phone, the LG GT505 Pathfinder? The hardware requirements sound promising, especially in terms of price. The implementation during this lets this device in everyday life fail, a purchase recommendation can and I would not give. In contrast to the Samsung Star, the LG turns out to be a blender, because of its features alone you can not phone, surf or navigate.

But before the colleagues of LG now the friendship or the business relationship cancel, there is still hope. For a week, I have the LG GW300 in the test, the result promises to be more conciliatory. Or how we formulated (Cyberport) ten years ago on an employee button: Every day we get better!;-)