Overview: Cheap Smartphones Destroys Android, More Rumors about the Galaxy S IV and Much More

Get to grips with the past week’s most read news in this week’s overview-rumors about this year’s mobiles are well underway.

The rumors about the update, which will give the Danes the 4 g on their iPhone 5 have been many. And it was expected in the past week, but now it had to be sure, Apple’s Tim Cook has said the coming next week.

There is flourishing just now many rumors among the other Samsung Galaxy S IV, Huawei Ascend P2, Nokia Lumis 920-but also on the forthcoming iPhone models. Apple would allegedly have changed in their normal launches and the rumored coming throughout the three different iPhones in 2013.

There have been many writings about mobile coverage in Denmark and our site have also followed up on the study conducted by TV 2 made that concluded 3 g coverage in Denmark was bad. But why have poor mobile coverage?
Please also read the interesting comment from John g. P, editor in Chief at our site, to cheap smartphones destroys Android.

You can see the first clip from the movie “jOBS” on Steve Jobs here.