Our Site: Android Immediately Not the Fault of Foreign Tariffs

The case of an error in the SMS application in Android 4.2.1, which means the price of Texting abroad is a storm in a teacup.

We have previously written about the allegations against Android 4.2.1, as gateway-company Wireless Factory believed did that Danish mobile customers might get sent SMS-messages, takseret after the foreign price.

But there is talk about a storm in a teacup. There are two concrete cases by phone company Oister, which form the basis of the accusations, as Wireless Factory comes with. 

We must, as the Android user, therefore do not panic for it doesn’t seem to, that the bug is in Android 4.2.1.

-“We have tried, but cannot even reproduce. And currently there is nothing to suggest it is an Android-error, “said Stine Green Paulsen, head of communications at phone company to our site.

The company’s billing system has also captured the trials, where the fault has been recreated.

Our site continues to investigate the matter, and believes himself to have been over takseret, one must, of course, contact customer service.