Luminous Textile Meets Scented Aura

Point, point, comma, dash, the face of the Moon is finished. Every kid knows. Banal. The retail just learns it. Namely to watch–what color heard-the sense of smell is. And listening to what course too short comes in the face of the moon.

As eyes, ears, and noses can be opened the customer purchases, about selling conveyors of various disciplines have mused. Then, they have made, and now presents on the “Food Illuminesca” of the Dutch lighting giant Philips.

Unremarkable is what can be regarded as a world first. One maybe two to three meters wide, brightly illuminating something are metal plates with tiny holes. Music blares out of small speakers. But Philips Manager Bart Vaes, one pulls on the metal, says only these words: “You smell”, and there is the experience for the senses: smell of chocolate caresses the nose, and already you want sweet.

Desire becomes the urge, because one becomes aware that it has to do something with Master_rai music: “I want no chocolate” by Trude Mr. Watering one in your mouth, once on the wall red, Brown, yellow color flicker. Somehow chocolatey. Where the music is no mystery. The scent emitted from the ground. But this is tricky with the color.

The brightly illuminated wall elements named “Luminous Textile” are the solution. A colorful LED colours conjure up experts from Philips and the Danish fabric manufacturer Kvadrat , computer-controlled, the plates that dampen usually unwanted sound.

Suddenly languishes “smooth operator” by Sade from the music system, the LEDs at the wall switch to the red, rising aroma of rose – and the chocolate is forgotten.

A small variant of this world houses the Douglas branch at Cologne main station. “Scented aura”, called initiator Georg Ortner, Managing Director of the company “RSH fragrance channel”.

At 3-minute intervals stream six different natural fragrances from the ground. The trick is, that with a touch screen, eight brand fragrances can be sprayed “without wetting the skin or the clothes that”, says Ortner. Because the world of scents infinite as outer space is, he calls the concept “cosmoscent”.

And soon the triple experience LED colours, sound and scent cloud should according to folder will exit the experimentation level of Illuminesca and presented at trade fairs. Then, the concept also of the Cologne station perfumery, will beguile sense.