Light Blue And Black-Not Just For Budgies

I hate arguments. I know dispute is important and necessary and usually “cleans the air” and brings the two opponents closer to a goal or leads at best with a contrary opinion a common solution. Nevertheless, I hate disputes.

Light Blue And Black-Not Just For Budgies

 I can not, I have not really learned to argue. When I was a child, anger was stupid, forbidden and useful to nothing, and I have, at least in my memory, never got anything. At the place I hear my sisters loudly “is not true” roar, but that is with the perception. Sure, I’ve sneaked with the two ladies. My parents are probably saying we have always been in our hair. But I am 6 or 8 years younger than my two sister hearts… and therefore I was always inferior to them in my childhood. Not a good prerequisite for learning to argue. For life in general, this has not hurt me, I think.

Light Blue And Black-Not Just For Budgies 2

I Have Not Learned To Argue.

…even with my parents, Streit was not a good idea… although I did it, of course, still, and also I have not really learned something for life. I can not argue today. Unfortunately… Either I will just be angry and unfair or I begin to howl. I can not cry in the case. Because that is really only a single howling … and besides, I am still annoyed by my inability to leave a conflict on the scene. Most of the time I feel personally attacked… not a good prerequisite for a fruitful discussion. But why am I writing all this? Because I recently started a quarrel with my mother, after she gave me (in my opinion) something completely hirnrissiges. But this is usually the case, dispute does not arise, if one agrees in all points. Really angry, I’ve become because my mum has thrown an 11 year old thing to my head, and the circumstances at that time completely ignored. This is sad and very sad because my mother actually knows that I suffered from a postpartum depression after the birth of my daughter and it took me some time to treat it. In this respect, I would have wished my mother had chosen a more sensitive time to explain my misbehavior. Even so, the subject of my mommy has earned an open ear and not such a rage, called open pants….

Light Blue And Black-Not Just For Budgies 1

Light Blue And Black

But well… I know now why I have not learned to argue… but have the hope that there might be a vhs course on the topic. This week I mean it really well with you-first I scare you from the pony yardand now I also hold a lecture on dispute.. I maintain now quite completely, that is due to the time change and the crowd of chocolate, which locks my brain synapses, Or so… so it’s a good thing that the holidays are over and we go back to “normal” diet.However, I prefer, to the subject of a percussion – more energetic one can not underline his position – hihi… So, no contradiction and for all not Instagrammer among you-on Good Friday the film fever has packed me and I have shared the first moving picture on IG… with sound and so… and since the fluttering me the film offers just so in the house… ahem… The “film outfit” is today on the blog and this is also at the same time the look to the dispute. Thus my thesis “Hellblau is a Deeskaltionsfarbe” (I think, I have once asserted with Instagram) would be synonymous. Now I think it’s Rosé… but to another time… Today it’s about light blue and black, two shades that I thought they only look good at my buddy’s budgerigar. This is not true-on the contrary-I find black in the right dose a nice accent to light blue. I’m not wearing a bodysuit anyway… hihi… I wish you a great week-without a hassle and anger…:- *

Light Blue And Black-Not Just For Budgies 3

Trousers: Old Navy-from Fornarina I have found a light blue Skinny  (Affiliatelink) and the  jeans of Mavi (Affiliatelink) I like really well. 
Blouse: H & M-Anita from Street One  (Affiliatelink) also has light blue stripes and closed ne pretty casual Boyfriendblouse (Affiliatelink) in striped 
jeansjacke: Only  (Affiliatelink)-I like my light blue jeansjacke, although it is not so often used. 
Shoes: Tamaris-Chelseaboots are really great for the transition and that of Michael Kors  (Affiliatelink) looks great. 
Vest: Moncler (Affiliatelink)-still a perfect companion for spring. 
Bag: ??? 
Sunglasses: at sunglasseswill-there I am still my friend Ursula gratefully grateful for the mediation… JAAA Ursula… that I am…