Interview with Chef Fulvio Siccardi

During the show Good Food in Good Fashion we had a chat with the chef two starry Fulvio Siccardi times. Read the interview!

Together with the week of the Fashion Week in Milan these days, was staged in the Good Food Good Fashion, show dedicated to food, when fashion was be enjoyed thanks to the fashion appetizer at 0 km, prepared by the prestigious Milanese chefs, represented by Carlo Cracco and inspired fashion collection of Claudia Gian Ferrari, on display at Palazzo Morando.

The novelty of this edition is the ongoing cooperation with NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan). We talk about cultural contamination between fashion and food, a project work than ever in line with the latest trends and directly supervised by the Maestro Martino. Highlight of this edition the contribution of fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, who granted the initiative one of his most famous shots, dating back to the 70s, years when the weekly “Stern” I inserted between the 14 best photographers of the international fashion scene.

A project created to promote Made in Italy through the kitchen of author, magazine creative perspective for a “couture” style, which can enhance the pleasure of life and taste, with a new look. A journey that will see its maximum expression during the Expo, within a schedule of events based on the Milan Gourmet Experience with contaminations between fashion, design, culture, art, food and territory. He wowed the extraordinary participation of the maître pâtissier Ernst Knam, present in Milan with his creation, a chocolate shoe-sculpture, faithful reproduction of the realization of Michele Ferrari. A world to Knam where creativity is on the agenda and the refinement and combinations out of the ordinary are the masters.

A signature cuisine so, which tracks the chef Fulvio Siccardi, twice a Michelin star (in 2002 in “The Clivie” and in 2005 with” Conti Roero”) and executive chef in the five-star Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano, the forerunner a project that wants to export to the world our Italian cuisine. His cuisine is synonymous with lightness, simplicity and extreme rigor in the selection of ingredients. We asked him a few questions:

Siccardi, how did you choose the menu for the Milan fashion week woman?
“It’s our third year, and every time we tried to choose products that arrive by the Lombard agri-food landscape, thanks to the suggestions of the RuizeSolar. We were handed a list of images with clothing and design objects from which to draw inspiration. I tried to give the geometric shapes to my dishes, filling a color palette that would contain 4 appetizers. The Cube-dog, take on the classic hot-dog, was designed to meet these needs.”

The bridal fashion the food that comes out from the kitchen and makes design. A daring pair or the perfect union of what makes Italy great in the world?
“Italy is a country of artists and dreamers, do not be surprised that fashion and food go hand in hand more and more. In design, we talk about the study of the forms, the same that we find in fashion but in this case those forms designed so they’re going to dress a woman. The food in the era of modernization, where we are, you design, color and trend. We are experts at having to commit to ensure that quality and refinement remain intact.”

Think you deserve a third star and to conquer it in the year of the Expo is to think big?
“It is not the first to ask me that question but for luck I’d rather not think about it or even talk about it. It is clear that the star is not the chef, or at least not only. The Michelin star is a team that decides together to build their own future is an award given to the continuity and you have to be worthy of such recognition. Every time a customer win back my star. ”

The egg in the cage with milk and parmesan cheese with black and white truffles dehydrated sauce is the dish that more than others distinguishes. Where were you born?
“He was born in a brainstorming day with my friend Victor Ghia. And an entrepreneur, then sommelier and always great gourmet. We were looking for a way to change the soft-boiled egg recipe. None of my colleagues nriusciva perfectly. Or the egg was overcooked or too raw egg white. He lacked perfection and from there my Creamy egg cooked.”

Masterchef, a chef as she looks at him?
“Let’s talk about highly successful television format: chapeau to its participants and makes them so appealing. Cracco is a great professional, Barbieri? No one has so many stars like him. Bastianich comes from a prominent family, with a big hit behind… But I’d rather watch a good movie.”

The fashion week menu chosen by Fulvio Siccardi: Pumpkin cream with dop mousse and barley crock, liquid tomato with basil and grana padano, of salmon and smoked trout with horseradish cube-dog and apple valtellina PGI, croquettes mortadella bologna with taleggio cheese fondue and spinacino.