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Who accompanies me here on the blog you know that I have been through every possible difficulties with breastfeeding. Especially with Bruna, my first daughter. This lack of experience, a wrong orientation in the maternity ward and a milk production in excess.

Who “saved” me of all the trouble I went through and that it was essential for me to not give up was the nurse Patricia, the Menu.

I can’t tell you how many times Patricia came home after Bruna was born to help me cope with the pain, empedramentos and mastitis.

So this is one of those people who went through my life and for sure I will never forget maternity pants at diseaseslearning.

More than that, nominate it to all mothers who come to me and they need not only a guideline, but a sweet person and friend in those moments where our humor is not the best and we are super insecure, who went through a chest desempedrar pain in his hand knows what I’m talking about.

Asked a few questions to Patricia in relation to breastfeeding and that can be useful for the gravidinhas and moms.

What is the importance of good nutrition in breastfeeding?

The proper nutrition makes nutritional balance of the woman who need to produce milk and keep a good health to take care of your son. Women who do not feed properly may include dizziness and weakness due to physical wear that breastfeeding provides.

When do you usually go to their customers?
The query starts in pregnancy with the goal of pregnant women on the preparation of the breasts and guidance on common problems in breastfeeding. Training on correct positioning and get drinks also help minimize the problems in time to breast-feed.
The second visit can be made at birth, followed by a visit after hospital discharge.

What’s the most frequent difficulty that mothers are in the early days of breastfeeding?
It is common to introduce injured in the beak and empedramento in the chest. Complications such as mastitis can occur if the woman don’t take care of the breast correctly.

What is mastitis and because it occurs? As the mother must act to first signs? Mastitis is the inflammation associated with the presence or absence of infection in the breast. The mother feels the hard breast, red, sore and may present fever above 38 degrees for more than 2 days, confirming the infection.

What is empedramento and why it occurs? As the mother must act?
Between the second and third day occurs the milk let-down, moment is no greater breast milk production. This situation causes sudden filling of breast, perceived as tough and bulky breast. The presence of pain arising from excess features q women call empedramento.

How to ease the uncomfortable cracked beak? All the techniques to go to lunch in the bath, or get some sun before the baby born really work?
We do not recommend more preparation with buchinhas nozzle why increases the risk of harm and has no studies show your effectiveness q. The best is to learn to put the baby correctly to the chest and avoid incorrect handle. The use of purified lanolin HPA can improve sensitivity to pain and speed healing.

That some mothers have little milk and having to supplement with IT, it is possible to stimulate and increase production with a good guideline?
Milk production is directly related to breast stimulation for the baby, so the low production of milk may be present among mothers whose babies have difficulty breast-feeding. An incorrect feeding may not satisfy the baby or even cause he don’t win weight correctly, frequent reason for the introduction of artificial milk.

What are the tips that you can pass in respect to not discourage with the difficulties of breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is a learned Act. Preparing for breastfeeding is critical to avoid problems. Once identified, immediate correction shortens the unnecessary suffering because it is possible to breastfeed without pain!

How long can breast milk can be stored in the freezer? And in the fridge? Human milk can be stored for 15 days in the fridge or freezer and 12 hours in the refrigerator.
Patricia along with your partner, Kelly, beyond all guidance with breastfeeding, nutrition of mother and return to work, they advise the mothers in caring for a newborn, ear stick and train babysitters.
Including was Patricia who slashed the ear of Bruna and Manu with all the love and care!
And I don’t know if you remember the story I published here on Relactação (see), were the female members of the Maternal Menu that helped make possible.

So for you who are pregnant or who have friends waiting for your first child, remember that a good guidance is key to success in breastfeeding and not to give up so soon!
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