HTC Hero Makes Evolve to Android

HTC is back at it again with a new terminal equipped with Android, after the Dream and the Magic. His name is HTC Hero and its main characteristic, not highlighting especially in the section on hardware compared to their other models, is the interface HTC Sense that they have implemented on Google’s operating system.

But we go first with your specifications and then already talk about this new interface. Screen keeps the size of 3.2 inches and resolution of 320 × 480 pixels, as well as connectivity, where remains compatible with HSPA and Wi-Fi. Qualcomm 528 MHz processor and 288 MB of RAM are also inherited from the previous model.

One of the paragraphs in which improves the HTC Hero It is the camera, which climbs the 5 megapixel resolution and maintains the autofocus. Battery very slightly raises its autonomy, although change is almost insignificant. As a positive point, finally includes earphone 3.5 mm, with which does not depend on the ExtUSB port.

But HTC Sense It will be giving more to talk about in this terminal. And it is that equal to already make in Windows Mobile, they wanted to offer a more user-friendly interface which comes by default with the operating system, adding many more features and customization possibilities.

On-screen widgets take a role to offer much information, including several developed by HTC, allowing to customize them both in design and size. Calendar, clock, Twitter, photos,… all of them with the touch that HTC has wanted them to give.

Similarly to the Sinergy of the Palm Pre, the HTC Hero you want to mix local data that we have stored in our accounts of various services. Thus, when viewing a contact we can see not only the last calls, but also the interactions that we have done with them, like emails, updates to your profile, photos that have been uploaded,…

Are not the only changes that have been made in the operating system, because HTC has given his personal touch to the implementation of calls, email, to the display of photos (which integrates with Facebook and Flickr), to the search engine integtrado (which looks for local data, but also on Twitter),…

In addition, the HTC Hero It improves the multimedia section with one greater number of supported formats, which include MP3, AAC, WAV, MIDI and WMA9 audio and MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and WMV9 video. Just like on the HTC Touch Cruise function has been incorporated Footprints, that capture photos and add to these additional information.

Very surprising is that they announce that the browser will be compatible with Flash, when we learned recently that it would in October a number of operating systems.

Ending the review to HTC Sense We have to mention Scenes, an improvement of the system of profiles, which we can define the operation of the terminal depending on what you’re doing. Thus, we can have one profile for work, one for weekends,…

An important step for Android and HTC, which a little more about their different operating systems interfaces with the HTC Hero.