HTC G2, Formerly Known as Sapphire 2.0

Have today released the first images of what appears to be an almost finished product prepared by HTC. In particular, the terminal is the HTC Sapphire 2.0 (code name) and is more than likely take the name of HTC G2, not to appear signs of the T-Mobile brand in this smartphone.

For all we know, today, the HTC G2 It will come with a screen of 3.2 inches (like its predecessor), a non-flash 3.2MP camera (not yet known nothing about if will come with autofocus, though) HTC is introducing it in most of their recent terminals) and no physical keyboard, as it was the case with the T-Mobile G1.

The HTC G2 It will come with the new version of Android, Cupcake, that will include support for recording video, and keyboard on the screen (otherwise would be a little futile), among others.

Seems to be the only one that seems to put the batteries HTC, for many companies joining the Open Handset Alliance, time is the only one that has launched a terminal (may be two if it materializes the) HTC G2). The Kogan Agora It has been postponed, which cancelled indefinitely, not the terminal with Android of Sony Ericsson not be expected before the third quarter of 2009 and Samsung It seems that it will be releasing something for the imminent MWC 2009 similar to the Samsung Omnia, but with Android.

If we follow this path, the alternatives offered by the competition from Google and Android, they will be much more succulent throughout 2009. It remains to be seen what will bring us the MWC.