How to Wear Women’s Sweatpants

The trump of turn are the bold options and with a full footprint of attitude, both in accessories and the combination of looks!

How to Wear Women's Sweatpants

Super in this fashion wave, the women’s sweatpants model is taking care of the productions, giving a style bath to many basic compositions.

The must have of the moment, was already a hit between the 80s trends and reappeared with everything in the fashion weeks of great brands last year.

Giving a new face to the visuals, it is the “street fever” that goes well with absolutely everything, besides being mega allied of the comfort vs style!

And if you’re still wondering. How can a mega sporting item, perfectly fit the productions without leaving that “dubious” air!?

That’s when I tell you that concepts change shape all the time, especially when it comes to “it” So try to play!

After all, it gives you a look to be super beautiful, without having to have that look, typical right from head to toe.

Want to know how? Come along, we’ll explain everything!

– How to Wear Female Motie Pants: Looks Tips

The beloved pieces of the time have added much the productions when the question is style.

Sports fabrics are the perfect option to give great comfort and versatility to the look. As they combine, they transform the look that seems to be the new “chameleons” of fashion!

See below 3 amazing styles to combine with sweatpants!


That the productions with super feminine sweatpants adhere to this stripped-down style is already something entirely predictable.

But besides being comfortable, this type of composition could bring an unpretentious air and hyper “fashion” to your look. But without getting that face of clothing that is used at home?

All good is not true, and is precisely the proposal of this type of composition!

– To hit: Make simple combinations, but with a touch of style!

“Choose the mix between women’s sweatpants, basic blouse of your preference and sneakers, it’s worth playing even a leather jacket as an overlay or even some accessory. In fact, scarves and scarves are fun and mega to match that cool look!”

Great scarves asked to unwind the look!

See below for two super-cute proposals with sweaters in flowing fabrics. Remembering that croppeds, such as model Gigi Hadid are super high!

Sandals or skirts make it fun with the women’s sweatpants model. In addition to giving a more cheerful air production, escape the obvious that the ‘Classic’ white sneakers proposes.

Dug regattas or accessories like heavier and more colorful scarves is a great proposal to strip the look.

Slim-fitting t-shirt blouses are the perfect choice for anyone who does not want to miss the stripped-down composition. Aside from the neutral colors talking to each other , they make your production look mega-basic!

The piece in shades of black, are perfect for those who want that “extra power” in terms of combination. After all, black is the classic that looks good with everything!

Casual Chic

The bereaved does not have much to do with his style. Want something more elaborate but at the same time with a more glam face?

Sweatpants can also give you “SUPER” that air with a more “work day” footprint!

Although it seems mega controversial this type of combination they go very well with blazers and scarpins.

Hitting: The first tip to get a more “serious” look is to choose the tones in a way that is consistent with what you want to convey.

Pastel or darker shades (classic), fabrics in tailoring with more sophisticated shoes, convey seriousness to the production. Bet!

Above we have a model of blazer in a straight cut sophisticated, bet that falls beautifully with the piece. Already below, another beautiful proposal is due to the more casual blazer model in sports court, but also gives a super glam air to the look.

Bet on a fine heel or more elaborate shoes like Kendal Jenner’s. They sophisticate the look with feminine sweatpants of darker shades.

Tight blouses, coats between the short, medium and long lengths since balanced in a matter of neutral tones with a good heel, are great for this clever mix of sophistication!


It does not take much, for the piece itself to look super modern. But to add even more style to your production some tips are key!

How to hit it: Accessories, many of them combined give that mix proposed for modern visuals. It is still worthwhile to play in the prints, hats, shirts, and even vests.

Sporty tennis shoes deconstruct the look, making the look even more fun!

Below are some modern compositions that look beautiful with the glam touch of heels!

The modern detail of the looks with women’s sweatpants, is due to the mix of styles that end up becoming a super reference!

– Where to buy? Brands and Prices

After so many tips of looks hits the doubt of where to find the piece, right?

Thinking about it, we have prepared a list with the best brands, and their respective prices. Follow us!


Famous sports brand has gorgeous models of women’s sweatpants.

The Netshoes online sales site offers many options, from funniest models to the most sporting ones!


Another sports brand that follows the same line as the previous one, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality and beauty!

Below you can see the coolest options and the best prices we can find.

Swag of Kings

The brand inspired by hip-hop culture is difficult to find in Brazil, but in Mercado Livre it is possible to be able to acquire the imported model.


With a footprint very similar to Swag of kings Hollister models are beautiful but a little less saruel. Ideal for those who want that more traditional option.


You want a bigger model that is not so tapered. Go to Gap!

Like the posts, the tips? Leave here in the comments! Super kiss and see you soon


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