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Background: we answer questions from readers on mobile networks.

We take another round of questions and answers about networking technology.

In the feature draw and tells Johnny Olesen (netværkdsnørd).

Poul from Herlev has sent us the following questions we answer in the Web-TV feature.
I have a question for you regarding. mobile broadband. First a little introduction.

I live in the northern part of Herlev, very close to a our site mast. I can see the mast from my window. According to the master database is the of type UMTS, so a 3 g standard. Now is my question so how our site can advertise speeds of up to 80 Mbit. The speed transmitter UMTS not with. We assume so that the mast is in fact a HSPA + standard so should speed comes up by, doesn’t it?

I have ideal reception conditions, which is good enough a small tree which can bother the signal a bit, but nothing else. When I take my Huawei b593 out the window gives the full signal. All the blue lines on the router is lit.

With closed window is only 2 lines and a download of about 13-15 Mbit.

I can not live with so I’ve pulled cable and installed an exterior antenna pointing directly onto our site mast. It is a dual antenna, Poynting 11dBi directional. The one sitting vertically and the other horizontally, after all art rules.

The speed of my internet should now jump into the weather! But I only achieves an improvement to 20-25 Mbit as stable download. However, it has gained about 30 Mbit in short time. Pingtiden is located at approx. 18 ms.

What is it I’ve missed in my hunting at higher speed. I have the whole explanation of the above? Or promise Telia too much?

Hope you can reply to the above. I have not contacted Vodafone yet.

Watch web TV indsalget and the hearty response to Kadisha questions.

And then we also have to note that even mobile-geeks make mistakes and reverses the letters in between. In web-TV feature fist term UTMS. The proper term is UMTS, which stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.



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