Endomondo Lags on Windows Phone

Sportstracker application Endomondo gives users on Windows Phone 8 major problems.

The Danish sports application Endomondo, as hundrende-thousands of people around the world, uses to track your running, cycling, etc. causes problems on Windows Phone 8 phones.

In addition to the application does not have all the same features as the case is on Android and iPhone app, so forget sometimes that tracking of the position.

This problem occurs if the our site the camera is activated while Endomondo is active. When this happens stop sports program to keep track of your GPS position, and if not the user actively returns to Endomondo when the photo was taken, so trackingen does not start again.

The music stops

Endomondo can provide the user with status information in the headset with the times, but if the program should entertain with Tunein Radio Music on the run, so stop radiostreamingen, without having to start again, when Endomondos voice gives a status at the current time.

On the other mobile platforms will start the music from Tunein Radio automatically again.

After some tests on both Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, both running Windows Phone 8, we conclude that if the user wishes to use other programs while sportstrackeren running, so is Endomondo is close to useless.

Solution on the way

Sports people with a Windows Phone in your Pocket can look forward to a future update, where at least trackingsfejlen is resolved.

-“It is something we are aware of, but there goes probably a few weeks maybe three, before we are ready with a solution to the problem of tracking of the position. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of developer resources available – but we are working on the case, “says Susie from Endomondo for our site.

She dare not currently say about the error with the music also will be resolved in the next update.