Danish Text Messages Can Be Takseret to the External Tariff on Android

A flaw in the latest Android version can mean that for Danish text messages will be charged international call rate. The case examined by the telephone company.

Are you a customer of phone company and have an Android phone, with the latest software version, it’s a good idea to check out mobile Bill a second time.

Mobile gateway-company Wireless Factory has observed an error in Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean, which can mean higher prices for text messages than usual. It writes our site.

-“Android has come in a new version that has a pretty serious bug for some operators,” explains operations manager Kristian H, from Wireless Factory, in an email to Version2.

However, the error only by SMS-messages sent to four-digit numbers, which are typically used to vote in, for example, dancing with the stars, signing up for newsletters or other mobile services.

The problem in Android 4.2.1 is …

Message application in Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean puts in some cases “00” before the number, since Android is not counting four-digit numbers to be valid. The message goes through, but by some telcos perceived the extra 0 ‘s, as a foreign number of billing system.

What surprises most is that the error apparently only affects mobiles with Android 4.2.1. Wireless Factory have observed the problem by Oister.

-“We have tested several versions and have only be able to restore it on Android version 4.2.1,” says Kristian H.

Invoices shall be examined by 3

Phone company 3 has enabled technicians to try to provoke the error, however, no luck so far.

-“It’s not managed to reproduce the problem with either 3 or Oister. Even if they try to write a plus sign in front of the number in order to force it to put two zeros in front, will be the anyway caught by our billingssystemer, “says Stine Green Paulsen, head of communications at 3, Version2.dk.

Stine Green will not, however, reject that Paulsen it may have happened for some of the company’s customers, that is why they will look at your customer database.

Kristian H believes that the problem lies with Google which is behind the Android system, when the warning comes before shipment, but is, however, not sure.

It has not succeeded in Version2, to get a comment from Google Denmark.