Beauty: Raif Haten

Started the 33rd Edition of the most famous fashion week in the country. The São Paulo Fashion Week brings megalopolis journalists from all over the world and attracts more and more attention from the public. The Fashionistando is in the “land of drizzle” and will tell you all the best of what’s going on at the Bienal do Ibirapuera.

Despite the cold that people do around here, this season the SPFW presents summer 2013, i.e. we will see bets of the great designers of the country to the next station.

On the first day of the event, given the collection of Raif Haten that, as usual, brought the musicality as one of the highlights. This time, the song”in the Night”, composition with André stylist cut off, was the starting point to reveal precious details and color blends according to travelationary.

Backstage, talked with the responsible for beauty, Richard Deacon, who told us that started your work with African inspirations. “I’ve seen the Raif parts and soon felt the African air. I decided to reveal it with curly hair”. The models used wigs in the style of black power.

The skin was very natural aspect, with a slight sheen. The beauty artist used the Extra Dimension, launching the Mac, in two tones. According to Ricardo, this is the product of the moment, since mixing cream and dust and ensures a radiant and better texture. The makeup artist gives the hint to use it as blush, shadow Illuminator, and even on the lips (on top of a lipstick). Versatile product, huh? Learn how this make, which is the tendency for the summer: skin moist, shiny and lit.