Apple Drops the Art-App out of the App Store-Suspected Pornography

Apple drops the art application 500px out of the App Store, because it is too easy to find nude pictures.

Photo-sharing application 500px to iPhone has been removed from the Apple App Store because Apple thinks it is too easy to find nude pictures.

500px is an app, where professional and amateur photographers can share their pictures and show its artistic creations rather than others.

The application is very popular and together with its sister application ISO500 is the downloaded by over 1 million users, writes our site.

If your users will search for nude pictures in the application, they must after installation, onto the company’s website and activate an extended search function. But it is not enough for Apple, which therefore have chosen to completely withdraw the application out of their application store.

The people behind 500px informs that they allow artistic nude images, but does not accept direct pornographic images, which is against their policy and will be deleted.

Apple says in a statement that they have removed 500px, because it contains pornographic material, which is against Apple’s guidelines.