10 Souvenirs for Easter in Tissue with Molds

To help you in the quest to make fluffy for your party memories, brought 10 goodie bags for Easter in tissue with molds. It’s super delicious do at home and you can customize the way you see fit.

See the step by steps and create in your home using a lot of creativity and whimsy in the making of handicrafts in fabric for Easter.

10 Souvenirs For Easter In Tissue With Molds

1–Felt Bunny With Mold

This Bunny souvenir for Easter in tissue is pretty easy to do.

We’re going to need felt, mold, scissors, marking pen, needle, thread, and fabric tape.

To start print mold that we cut the felt on both sides and sew on the edge the same hand according to RCTOYSADVICE.

Cut the fabric in the markup that you made with a marking pen and using the template. After clipping.

You should have two faces of felt to start working on this Easter souvenir.

Go sewing the edge with a lot of patience and care.So the fabric will be Bunny show!

Before you finish the stitching, set the padding that you provided. Note that until cotton can serve as filler for crafts.

Now cast off the seam and ready. In this type of souvenir with felt, don’t even turn inside out.Anyway now here is pretty awesome.

Now place the Tink of metal in tissue tape and sew in the Bunny.

Look how cute! And the best is that it’s very peaceful to do.

Bunny Mold

Just print out the template and make your beautiful felt keychain to create favors for Easter in fabric.

2-Easter Souvenir With Jute

These souvenirs for Easter in fabric are very cute and can combine with various types of decorations.This option let’s you show now is in jute. Follow!

See the step by step and you also create at home.You will need fabric, Jute Twine, scissors, thread, and needle and ink for rubber stamps of polka dots.

First, to stamp the Jutes using a rubber ball stamp.See how to do in this walkthrough we show!

To begin, cut two sides with this same format. Just cut a rectangle and the top create the ears by cutting with scissors.

A cool thing is that the ears do not need to be necessarily the same size and format. Since when you tie with the string, all will stay the same.

Sew in part indicated with the arrow and turn inside out.

Now just stitching on the top edge, where the arrows are indicating.

If you can do the stitching on the machine, it gets even cooler. It’s nice also to streamline the process and create multiple!

Look how they look beautiful after you fill with candies, candy and toys to then finish off with a bow of string. Are very lindinhas these souvenirs for Easter in fabric.

3-Fabric Bunny Easy To Do

Look how easy it is to make this souvenir. You just have to be old socks to make. Check out the step by step and you also create at home.

See how simple it is. You just need to put cloth or another filling of your choice inside, make a knot, put more filling and then make another node.Ready! Now just cut the top shaped like a flopsy and ready!

How to look beautiful this hint with fabric to make Easter souvenir

Are too cuddly bunnies fabric these! Cole plastic eyes and snout of paper or fabric. Finish with a Ribbon of cloth beautiful!

4-Colorful Bunnies In Felt

And these bunnies felt super easy to do with mold?

Learn how to create these souvenirs in fabric for Easter and let everyone happy with a nice souvenir in felt.

First print the mold we provide to the felt. You will need two sides for each felt Bunny.

After cutting the felt using the template we provide for you, it’s time to start sewing.

Sew the hand even to leave only a small part to put the filling.

Finally put the filling and finish the seam.

Is pretty awesome that Bunny. Create this beautiful souvenir and let your party even more excited about this surprise for the guests of the party.

Mould For Souvenir In Felt

Print out the template and make your beautiful bunnies felt for souvenirs for Easter in fabric.

Work on preparation and everyone will love these cloth bunnies ready to love you.

5-Souvenirs Of Bunnies For Easter

Look how beautiful it is! These gorgeous bunnies of fabric are very easy to make. Learn how to create next!

To create this Easter souvenir you can use felt, TNT or other fabric of your choice. Discover how to create with the step by step and see how easy!

Simple, huh? Just put the bullets in the middle of the fabric with four equal sides, roll up and fold. It’s going to be a composition like a Bunny, with both ears up.

Then just tie with a strip of the same fabric used in craft and do the Bunny face with plastic eyes. The muzzle you do with colored glue, fabric, paper or colored marking pen.

See that if you want to stay very delicate, souvenir is nice to use a satin ribbon to tie and secure the ears.

Look how cool do the muzzle and the details of the face with colored glue. The eyes are with plastic eyes glued with hot glue.

What a beautiful thing! Cute, simple and very economical to make various souvenirs of fabric in this Easter.

6-Fabric Basket For Easter Souvenir

This basket of fabric, as well as wonderfully beautiful, it’s pretty easy to do. Make your seeing the special step by step we made for Easter.

Just follow the step by step and make your fabric basket for Easter too.

7-Fabric With Bunnies Template

And those cute bunnies for souvenir?

Learn from the step by step that we have here in our blog.

These party favors beautiful and easy to make are always welcomed to Easter ideas.

8–Souvenir Fabric For Easter

Another nice idea to make Easter souvenir with fabric. Check out How to make this tutorial here on the blog.

Your Easter has everything to be beautiful if you choose the souvenir that most suits the party.

Get inspired and create something beautiful for decorating and also serve as a beautiful Easter souvenir.

9-Felt Bags For Easter

This souvenir in felt for Easter is simply beautiful!

See now How to create in this walkthrough your easy to learn at home.

These bunnies are all good fabric and will combine with your Easter party. You can perfect the choice of fabrics and create something in the style of the celebration of Easter that is organizing.

10-Felt Bunnies For Easter

How about making a Bunny puppet to entertain the kids this Easter? Learn how to make this beautiful step by step here on our blog.

Look at the templates for you to create home these souvenirs in fabric for Easter!

Is each Easter tip more beautiful than the other. I hope you enjoyed the selection we made of souvenirs for Easter in fabric. See also other ideas beautiful Bunnies for Easter Decorations and party favors.

Are many delicate and ideas that can perfectly match your Easter party. Has other cool ideas there on Pinterest and on Google images. Is it personal.Kisses, good creations and until the next tip!