Google Play 5.7 Store: Are Are Its Two Innovations

After the release last month of June the new family section in version 5.6, Google Play Store updated this month to the version 5.7, in particular the 5.7.6, to add two small Visual improvements.

The first novelty is found in the New text box applications tabs. As we can see in the following picture you have changed the font and color of the text to green, adding an icon that will allow us to see more clearly which is the text of the description and which is the text of the news of their latest version.

Google Play Opens a Section for Games with Answer Haptic

The haptic feedback of apps and games on our gadgets is in fashion, and although this functionality is nothing new, the fact is that Google wants to promote it by opening one new section of games in Play Store titled “Games that you can feel” and that includes a selection of titles with haptic feedback.

Wedding Dresses

Today we have bridal dresses by Jarice from Belgium for you on the blog! The Belgian company Jarice was founded 1947 by Jeanne Eeman and Maurice Abbeloos, which also derives the name of the label. For 15 years now Jarice has been led by the brothers Jo and Gert van the Driessche and is thus a family business in 3. Generation. Originally, the company was specialized in peak production, but 1965 was the first high end Womans wear collection to be sold. Since 2004, the company has been concentrating purely on bridal, and with success. The Bridal collection is one of the most successful in the Belgian market.

How Can I Combine a White Blouse Again and Again?

A white, long-sleeved blouse belongs to many of us safely to the basic equipment in the wardrobe. But unfortunately she often lives a lonely existence and is treated like a fashionable stepkind. For somehow there is never really an occasion to wear it. And if so, how do you combine them?


The new Baleno Floatationmaster built by the already successful 6401 this suit is equipped in addition with two leg pockets

of course, continue the highly abrasion-resistant 300 denier in addition in cooperates Nylide outer material and no 230 TNylon, of course with real certification EN 393 and ENV 343 and ISO 9001, protection against hypothermia, SIOEN/Baleno is a European manufacturer in the product liability fully behind you – it does too but no sense of his existence with questionable products on the game continued.

Learn How to Wear Cufflinks with Style

A detail that makes all the difference. Associated with formal clothing and occasions, it is possible that many people think that cufflinks are accessories that have fallen into disuse.

The truth is they have never been so present. The proof of this is that, today, there are numerous models, from the classics to the most fun, that can be worn even with more casual looks.

Cufflinks: Function, Design and Storage

[Photo/sponsored post] – to a suit the gentleman with style carries only three pieces of jewellery:his watch (if not a tuxedo is worn), a wedding ring/seal ring and cuff links. These latter useful Accessories make for a small but crucial difference.

With regard to the optical design, there are many models that can refine the Lord. How to stylishly wear and sent store let, is shown here in the Guide.

Camping for Beginners

About four million Germans travel every year in the camping holiday and spend the free days in the tent, caravan or mobile home. In Germany and Europe there are thousands of campsites where you can spend a cheap holiday with the whole family. You can find out what you should consider during the preparation and planning, in the following article, as well as we have compiled for you further useful camping tips relaxed holidays in the campsite.

Nyfw Diary

Continuing my diary NYFW, our Monday began agitated!

Moved to the castle hotel Le Parker Meridien. I already knew him, because every time I visit NEW YORK I have to eat the sandwich Burger Joint, one of the best in the city, in my opinion and that is inside the hotel. I love! Look at the picture that Camilla took – my battery was over when we went to lunch almost 5:00 pm.. Lol!


Check out tricks, tips, videos and photos that will help you train properly and make a professional outline

Outlined is one of the most important steps in a makeup.It is the one that gives the finish in the make of the eyes and is even more indispensable when you use a clear shade or no shadow on the eyelid.Without the outline, the look is dull and unfinished, so it pays to invest some time in learning how to use it correctly.

Nutrition In Pregnancy: The Basics For All Mom Know

Moms have many concerns, and among them is feeding in pregnancy, so we made a list with the main foods that should be avoided for the sake of the baby and the mother. Come check it out!
Take care of feeding is very important, is when you’re a kid or in adult life, but a crucial moment is during pregnancy because you won’t be taking care only of your body and Yes your baby’s health. Why have this responsibility is that the pregnant woman they feel lost and not knowing where to start, so we seek to know more about what is or is not good for the formation of small is healthy. Of course, the help of experts is crucial, but separated a few general tips to make the day to day lighter even after the period of pregnancy.

Social Plus Size Clothes

Time was that being overweight was reason not to dress up. Formerly chubby and Tubby, suffered for not finding fashionable clothes, even for everyday life. However, things are changing and becomes increasingly easy to dress properly, even though a few pounds above ideal weight. Meet some of the plus size fashion and clothing social models.

Stages Of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Month By Month

Development of the baby in every month of pregnancy
During the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is an embryo. The heart and lungs begin to form. The heart starts beating on the 25th day. The neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, begins to form. At the end of the first month, the embryo measures about 9 mm and weighs 0.5 g.

Leg Cramps In Pregnancy

Why am I having leg cramps now that I’m pregnant?
It is not known exactly why pregnant women suffer so much with cramps, especially in the calf.

It may be because of the extra weight you are carrying. Also speculates that the cramping is related to changes in blood flow. There is also the theory that the problem is caused by changes in the concentration of certain salts in the body.

10 Tips for a Book of Pregnant

You are pregnant and of course you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make a book displaying this belly!

The book of pregnant is a great option for those who like to keep memories of special moments, and especially for women, in which nine months is a stage full of expectations and emotions, which deserves to be always remembered. And for those who are not used to doing photo shoot, here’s some tips, so that your book of pregnant stay even more beautiful: