Nutrition In Pregnancy: The Basics For All Mom Know

Moms have many concerns, and among them is feeding in pregnancy, so we made a list with the main foods that should be avoided for the sake of the baby and the mother. Come check it out!
Take care of feeding is very important, is when you’re a kid or in adult life, but a crucial moment is during pregnancy because you won’t be taking care only of your body and Yes your baby’s health. Why have this responsibility is that the pregnant woman they feel lost and not knowing where to start, so we seek to know more about what is or is not good for the formation of small is healthy. Of course, the help of experts is crucial, but separated a few general tips to make the day to day lighter even after the period of pregnancy.

Social Plus Size Clothes

Time was that being overweight was reason not to dress up. Formerly chubby and Tubby, suffered for not finding fashionable clothes, even for everyday life. However, things are changing and becomes increasingly easy to dress properly, even though a few pounds above ideal weight. Meet some of the plus size fashion and clothing social models.

Stages Of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Month By Month

Development of the baby in every month of pregnancy
During the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is an embryo. The heart and lungs begin to form. The heart starts beating on the 25th day. The neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, begins to form. At the end of the first month, the embryo measures about 9 mm and weighs 0.5 g.

Leg Cramps In Pregnancy

Why am I having leg cramps now that I’m pregnant?
It is not known exactly why pregnant women suffer so much with cramps, especially in the calf.

It may be because of the extra weight you are carrying. Also speculates that the cramping is related to changes in blood flow. There is also the theory that the problem is caused by changes in the concentration of certain salts in the body.

10 Tips for a Book of Pregnant

You are pregnant and of course you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make a book displaying this belly!

The book of pregnant is a great option for those who like to keep memories of special moments, and especially for women, in which nine months is a stage full of expectations and emotions, which deserves to be always remembered. And for those who are not used to doing photo shoot, here’s some tips, so that your book of pregnant stay even more beautiful:

HTC Tattoo in Movistar, Orange and Vodafone

Little by little Android handsets are invading our territory, if a few days ago the guys from Motorola did the same and his Dexter hand of Telefonica, on this occasion is HTC which has decided to show its expected Tattoo.

We already know the appearance and specifications of the terminal, it’s a compact and customizable phone by changing its housing, he has a screen of smaller size than other Android phones, with 2.8 inch resistive technology has been chosen for its construction.

Fishing in Channels of Cordoba

Fishermen’s SENTILAPESCA: I share what was fishing I made the weekend on channels in the interior of Córdoba. It was quite down water from the place which was ideal for fishing them with fly, so bait shank or touch it. I got many catches with streamers offset, half water and dry imitation of Sheriff on surface…

What I Learned-Neonates

Today I inaugurate another tag on the blog called “what I learned”
I choose a theme, I quote a few issues, and comment on how was my experience.
Everything I’ve learned, that I experienced, and that in fact happened after having gone through 2 pregnancies and care of 2 children.
Because much is said about what it’s like to be a mother, but only if you learn living day to day.

Hysterical Pregnancy

A woman’s emotional imbalance can generate a hysterical pregnancy, where even the symptoms may cheat doctors. This disorder is not reserved only to humans, it also occurs in dogs and rats. Care should be taken and a lot of finesse to treat this matter with the woman and in some cases a professional help is requested.
Happened in Brazil in the case of a woman with psychological pregnancy that almost had a caesarean performed. She arrived at the hospital with bleeding and a big belly that indicated a pregnancy at an advanced stage. On your maternity card, included data from prenatal care that she conducted during the 9 months. The doctor who examined during labor found that there was no baby. Later, a forensic report confirmed that she was never pregnant.

Black Color in Interior Design

Few people risk and decide to use black on a large scale inside their homes. So the webpage invites you to take a risk and give a new face to your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom by using the black  of elegance, sophistication and sobriety in your home decoration.

And if you’re still not convinced, we will give you 8 reasons to use black, and various inspirations and design products for your home.

8 Wallpaper Options for Living Room

Check out models of wallpaper for living room and choose the perfect piece to decorate your room.

The wallpaper for the living room is the perfect solution to transform the look of the room, making it the most charming, welcoming and unique. In specialty stores in this type of product, you can find a variety of models, so it ends up being is tricky the task of defining the ideal finish.

HTC HD2, Formerly Known as Leo, Is Seen in Advertising

In an advertising page on the English operator O2 We have had the opportunity to see the final appearance of HTC HD2, and confirm that this will be its final name, and not HTC Leo, as up to now we have been making reference.

The image does not have us more of what we already knew, your operating system will be Windows Mobile 6.5, and an approach to its interface HTC TouchFLO 3D We can see it on this link.

Decoration – Your Style in Your Bedroom

The decor of your house speaks of you, shows who you are or who you would like to be.

In the couple’s bedroom, I have the theory that the decor shows what, in general, the woman wanted her relationship to be OR what her relationship is, what values ​​it is based on or should be based on (I say the woman because General is she who “works” the house decoration).

10 Different and Creative with Recycles Plastic Bottles PET

You can find PET bottles anywhere, no need to buy them, just keep or ask friends and neighbors. To compensate millions of bottles thrown away, we need infinite possibilities of reuses them. The blog sustainable living has shown hundreds of projects and tips using the recycling of PET plastic bottles.

Project Super Mommy–Functional Gym–9 Fit

Before da Bruna was born I took care of a lot. Ate super well, did Pilates, gym and had a very healthy life. How I got pregnant of Manu so to Bruna 1 year just made giving up to do any physical activity not only for lack of time and Yes lack of will. I was too lazy, without and without any stimulus to start. In addition I wasn’t satisfied with my body after 2 pregnancies followed. And the fact that I’m super skinny, always ended up postponing my return to gymnastics. But being thin is well far from good and happy with what I saw in the mirror.