A Review by The Best of The London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 (II)

We are still with the hangover of the Men’s fashion week, new collections and very tempting trends and more than appealing to those that will have to wait a few months. One of the last to be held has been the London Fashion Week, one of the major international tours, but at the same time one of the great unknown to the general public.

More Photos of The Campaign Spring/Summer 2011 United Colours of Benetton

Any signature low-cost who really knows unite in itself which means the colour and the vibrancy of spring, is United Colours of Benetton (let’s not make mention to Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, which is a separate case – less evil than his collaboration with H & M was an April Fool’s Mensencia-). Why your catalogues and campaigns are always well received, more now that we’re within days of brand new spring in the northern hemisphere.

Adolfo DomíNguez U, Campaign of The Season Spring-Summer 2011

Was being expected but in the end Adolfo Dominguez It has taken the his collection Lookbook U for this spring-summer 2011, after we’ve seen the General tendencies of his collection at pasarela Cibeles of Madrid. In its collection a more sober, being dark-blue colors and in general, the palette of blue, color star of the season, which is reflected in most of your clothes, whether they are denim or not. A color neutral, quite flattering and easy to combine making the collection a set very wearable and manageable.

What Happens When a Garment Brings Together Several Trends?

All (some more than others) let us move by the trends of the moment. Many have felt tempted by the trend of the military, raise our pants bass or Golden Casio watches. Long, gone out of fashion is what goes: recycled garments from our grandparents, reprinted after decades without manufactured sunglasses… Anything goes.

Balmain and Its Great Collection Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

Haute Couture has come to Paris but, for the moment, us guys have to follow us complying with the fashion week in Paris (the crisis cuts we have deleted Haute Couture collections, what are you going to do). However, with collections like this of Balmain We don’t miss our presence in these excusivas collections.

Lacoste’s Club Collection, Spring-Summer 2011

The new collection of Lacoste for Club Collection It has fulfilled the expectations that we had placed in it. There is no doubt that with Felipe Oliveira Baptista as new artistic director of Lacoste since September 1, things are going to change much in the firm. The prestigious Portuguese designer with a decidedly modern style, has worked for Max Mara and Cerruti and it was intended to transport all his skills to the firm, giving it a different, innovative twist but curiously not forget its most ancient origins: the style vintage and sports that always characterized him.

Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Week of The Fashion of Paris, Backstage Photos

It is always one of the most expected, this year much more if possible after the collaboration with Swedish giant H & M, which have been on everyone’s lips. And is that Lanvin In addition to being one of the maisones with more tradition and presitigio, is the most reclada by the media. Something that we do not know if you will like too to the shy Albet Elbaz, Creative Director of the House and genius among geniuses, accompanied on these purposes of menswear by Lucas Ossendrijver.

United Colors of Benetton, Spring/Summer 2011 by Josh Olins

We continue with the promotional campaigns of major firms for the season Spring-summer 2011, which make it at the same time that major firms present their winter collections for the 2011 season / 2012. This time it is the turn to United Colors of Benetton, with a campaign very colourful and multi-racial, patterns immovable signature since I started in the world of fashion, although this year has changed some of its creative guidelines in the collection, to make way for the new seasons and include them in their spring proposals.

D & G and Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

After having seen the former and controversial campaign of Dolce & Gabbana Jeans, which thanks to the black and the white models in scorzo, gets a resounding and forceful effect on images, comes the season spring-summer 2011 the rest of the collection, in a format of photography entirely to which he had seen. And it’s different than anything because the creative line is radically opposed to that previously found.

Oriol Elcacho for Ermenegildo Zegna Spring-Summer 2011

The catalan model is already one of the faces more and better associated with the prestigious Italian firm specializing in tailoring, Ermenegildo Zegna. The gentlemanly port of Oriol Elcacho It fits perfectly with the sybaritic spirit of the firm. And it is that not all models can be expected to be image of one of the houses with more sastrera tradition of the world.

Style Network (II): Piter

When we look for references-style online, we always tend to let us be guided by the exoticism of bloggers extranejeros which, by the mere fact of not being Spanish, it seems that they can provide what we want to our wardrobes. What many don’t know is that within our borders we can also find some great references that or much less have anything to envy to any Norwegian or French that you post your photos online.

Android Gingerbread Is Still The Version with Greater Growth and Ice Cream Sandwich Get 0.6%

Google has already updated the data on the distribution of versions I carry more than 200 million Android devices worldwide. Data have been collected over a period of 14 days ending on January 3.

As expected the version that has grown it is Gingerbread, that has gone from 50.6% last month to the 55,5%, all thanks to updates and that is the majority in more than 700,000 daily activations.

The Android Market Downloads Exceed 10,000 Million

The reception of the Android Market This user being really good, this year has been its takeoff where in the month of November have passed the 10,000 million applications downloaded Since he left in October 2008.

In one year it has multiplied by five the total number of downloads having an exponential growth. To get your first 1,000 million downloads, it took 21 months and now in recent months the same figure it has been downloading each month.

Google Play Presents Their New Categories to Bring More Order to The Store of Applications

If in 2014 Google Play placed order in games now throwing more categories this year does the same thing with applications, by adding new categories that also has more order in the applications, and so the user can find more easily what you are looking.

The Section Beta of Google Play Is Here to Test New Applications before Your Launch!

After a first phased release, the new version Access Google Play beta fires hit everyone with its update to the version 6.8.20 that we can already download from APK Mirror).

With the new section Beta access Google Play we can test new applications and games that even not have been launched officially to participate as a tester to help developers to fix all bugs and add enhancements until they launch their applications and games to everyone.

Google Play 5.7 Store: Are Are Its Two Innovations

After the release last month of June the new family section in version 5.6, Google Play Store updated this month to the version 5.7, in particular the 5.7.6, to add two small Visual improvements.

The first novelty is found in the New text box applications tabs. As we can see in the following picture you have changed the font and color of the text to green, adding an icon that will allow us to see more clearly which is the text of the description and which is the text of the news of their latest version.